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Was ist dieses Ding?

Are you wondering what this black chunk of metal is for? Well, it’s a mechanical cruise control for your motorcycle. It’s called a throttle lock, which can be misleading because it doesn’t actually “lock” the throttle of your motorcycle. When it’s engaged it simply holds your throttle in any position you leave it in. When you want to adjust your speed, simply rotate the throttle like normal. It uses pressure and friction to prevent the throttle from rotating freely.

How does it work?
First off, the ATLAS is clamped to the plastic throttle tube, between your rubber grip flange and the throttle housing. The ATLAS Throttle Lock has two buttons. One to engage the unit and another to disengage the unit. When the ATLAS is engaged, a friction pad on a stainless steel tab presses against the throttle housing. You can override the ATLAS at all times. The ATLAS Throttle Lock doesn’t disengage when you rotate the throttle. We did this intentionally so you can make incremental speed adjustments as you ride.

Who cares?
We do. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee as well as a 2 year manufacturer warranty. Our aim is to ensure that you are happy with the ATLAS Throttle Lock.

Top Kit vs. Bottom Kit

Einfache Installation

Belasse die Griffe, Lenkerenden, Handschützer und Dremel in Ruhe! Der ATLAS Throttle Lock wird mit minimalem Aufwand an Ihrem Gasrohr befestigt. Unser intelligenter Ratschenmechanismus klemmt den ATLAS auf jeden Drosselrohrdurchmesser von 7/8 "bis 1-1 / 4".

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